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Sacred Underground Social Mixer - August 29, 2024 - 6:00 p.m - Paramour Bar San Antonio

Sacred Underground Social Mixer & Fundraiser - September 26, 2024 - 6:00 p.m - Paramour Bar San Antonio

Now Accepting Submissions for The Sacred Underground Film Festival October Event


S.A.CRED Mission

We are a homegrown and organic festival intent on promoting local talent while raising funds for charity. We are the SACRED Underground! That means you. That means WE, because we’re in it together. We’re SACRED, because something possessed us to create–and we now commune together in the act. We’re the Underground and that is NOT a slight– every movement worth its salt springs from the ground up. We’re glad to have you join this journey – a coming out party to catch all of our friends, neighbors, and creative colleagues in the act of doing all the right things. Together we reap the harvest of Writers, Filmmakers, Actors, and the magicians behind the scenes– a diverse collection of artists from varied backgrounds. The produce runs the gamut of genres: Action, Comedy, Documentary, Music Video, Stream of Consciousness, Suspense, and Horror. Welcome to the fertile fields surrounding the (210) and the (512). WELCOME TO THE UNDERGROUND.

S.A.CRED History

Our little operation used to be called Short Shorts 2009-2013 and our last show filled the Josephine. Our 4th show started a tradition of raising funds for local charity (Family Services at the Cancer Treatment Research Center).

Screening History:

2009-2011 - Short Shorts 1-3 - @ The Overtime Theater

Fall 2011 - Fall 2012 - Short Shorts 4-5 - @ 13th Floor Studios

Feb 2013 - Short Shorts 6 - @ The Josephine Theater

Feb 2024 - Sacred Underground - @ The Magic Potion

May 2024 - Sacred Underground - @ Carver Community Cultural Center

Board Of Directors

John Lambert

John Lambert is a writer, actor, speaker, improv performer and school teacher. He believes that ‘Leadership and innovation spring from the ground up… and all disciplines must be woven in sync’– a theme he revisits often while engaged in varied creative projects.

As an actor, he performed in several independent films, commercials, music videos, and local theater productions until 2022. He trained for theater, film, and commercial acting 2005-2006 under the late Carolyne Barry in Los Angeles, and continues to take classes to this day. He trained improv in Los Angeles under the tutelage of Stephen Tobolovski before making the trek to San Antonio, performing weekly with troupes like the Denials (at their inception in 2007) until 2014. He also brought his frenetic physical energy onstage with Comedysportz until 2016.

His speaking experience grew from several years honing his craft in Toastmasters- competing and serving leadership roles until 2013. He was a featured speaker for Pecha Kucha in Spring 2014 at the Guadalupe Theater and a speaker for San Antonio Ted X later that year with a piece titled ‘Strength in Surrender: Improv in Life and Onstage’.

Writing exploits include four stage plays: ‘A Life In Shem’. ‘Rats’, ‘Locked Heart’, and ‘Lenny Himm’. He wrote and produced four short film scripts titled: ‘Silver Haired Fox’, ‘Jesus of Nacogdoches’, ‘Unplugged’, and “EVIL.EVIL.EVIL.’ He enjoys writing classes with instructors at Gemini Ink and collaborates with them creatively in public events.

His current Film Festival, ‘The Sacred Underground’, approaches its second and third installments May 19th, and October 5th, respectively. As his creation nears 501 (c) 3 non profit status, innovations abound. Counted among these is a sister festival partnership with East LA Film Festival which takes route this year. Both festivals will partner in charity fundraising favoring the ‘The Peace Initiative’ for domestic violence prevention in October.

The Sacred Underground is a reincarnation of the Short Shorts Film Festival (2009-2013), which sold out the Overtime Theater three times in both of its first two locations, Thirteenth Floor Studios twice, and the Josephine Theater. It was hosted by local comedians, actors, and musicians such as Jade Esteban Estrada, Michael Burger, Roman Garcia, Michael Ponce, Jason Lee Boyson, Geraldine Ortega, and Brad Milne. Musical guests included the In and Outlaws, Girls of Sass, Noise Revival Music Orchestra, and Geraldine Ortega. The events raised proceeds for the Patient Family Services at the Cancer Treatment Research Center.

The Sacred Underground is ever shifting; attuned to the seismic currents of a city in constant creative bloom. Its mission is simple in principle and fluid in execution…an intentional cross pollination of varied cinematic communities. Diversity reigns in the Underground, and its fruits approach their day in the light.

Jorge Robledo Jr.

Jorge Robledo Jr. is a writer, director, photographer, local film maker, and audiovisual technology expert residing in San Antonio, TX. He has worked in several live production events, such as at the Woodlawn Theater in San Antonio, Tx, as a soundboard operator and general A/V manager. Jorge has also worked with the NFL as the instant replay technician for the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium. He has worked all over the United States on high profile audiovisual projects designing and installing production and media equipment for locations including the Colorado State Universitys’ Behavior Sciences Building, Oklahoma State Universitys’ Boon Pickens Stadium, Gateway Canyons Resort, and Citi Bank corporate offices all across the country.

Jorge and his partner own a small production company, Eiche Films. Eiche Films has created several short films since its creation in 2019 using only local actors and locations. Some films, including his latest film “Hunger”, have been selected by several film festival local and abroad. Jorge creates films to create opportunities and exposure toward local actors. His love of film helps him create low budget but high quality films.

Jorge works as the Media / Audiovisual Operations Manager for The Sacred Underground Film Festival. His primary focus in his role is maintain the highest quality production value for the presentation of the films selected to be shown at The Sacred Underground.

Juan Escobedo

Juan Escobedo is an award-winning actor, director, and photographer.His work is influenced by the communities he serves and by his travels. Juan's latest project is Las Promatoras (Community Health Workers) documentary.The film is a part of the CA Creative Corps, which is generously supported by the California Arts Council and administered by Community Partners.

Juan Escobedo believes in art, film, and photography as mediums to educate and heal families. His recent film Marisol, about a little girl who falls victem to domestic violence was Oscar qualified. The script was aquired by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Margaret Herrick Library for their permanent collection.

Mr. Escobedo is the founder of the East L.A. Film Festival and The East L.A. Society of Film and Arts (TELASOFA). For the last 15 years the festival has provided opportunites for young filmmakers to connect with hollywood professionals. This has allowed their work to be seen and create mentorship opportunities.

Charissa Jarrett

Charissa Jarrett’s stage, film and television experience spans more than forty years starting in a stage production of Annie. Since then, she has had a broad career in the arts. She has been an actor in; films, commercials, and live action portrayals. Mrs. Jarrett has also done stunt work, varied arts production, marketing, graphic designer, product inventor (currently holding 2 patents), nonprofit event coordinator, author and artist. The most impactful moment of her career includes appearing in the Indie film The Retrieval, which received numerous awards including the Black Reel Award for Outstanding Independent Feature and her non-profit work.

Mrs. Jarrett has collaborated with both for and non-profit organizations such as Celebrity Poker Tournament to Benefit The Urban Health Institute, Dance to Breathe, Sundance iCinemas, Josten, 20 Women for Darfur, Livestrong, Dress For Success, The Thru Project, UFC, and the NFL to name a few.

Her current focus is as a writer, artist, and board member of the Sacred Underground Film Festival in San Antonio, TX. Mrs. is currently working towards her second art showing and finalized her initial draft of her upcoming spoken word book “Life Itself”. All this in conjunction with being featured in the upcoming March edition of Vernelle Studio Art Blog. None taking away the time to participate in the film festival. Having completed her first viewing of the inaugural Scared Underground film festival submissions; she is not only excited but also reinvigorated by the caliber of artists that will continue to be brought to light through this festival for many years to come.

Ms. Jarretts career showcases her breadth of experience and knowledge in the arts in all aspects of the field. This is why we are pleased to have her as a member of The Sacred Underground Film Festival board for 2023-2024


Sacred Underground Film Festival October Event

Now Accepting Submissions

Sacred Underground Social Mixer - August 29, 2024 - 6:00 P.M. - Paramour Bar San Antonio

Sacred Underground Social Mixer & Fundraiser - September 26, 2024 - 6:00 P.M. - Paramour Bar San Antonio

Join us at the beautiful Paramour rooftop bar for the Sacred Underground fundraising mixer! Open Mic, a sampling of winning films, spoken word, music, networking with industry professionals, and the best cocktails and atmosphere you can hope to enjoy with a stunning view of the San Antonio skyline.

This is the lead up to the Sacred Underground Short Film Competition screenings in October - hosted by Jess Mahogany. Shaggy Carpet interviews will be conducted by Andrew Jacobi Jeter and Jose Onyx.

May 19, 2024 - Carver Community Cultural Center

Official Selections













Jess Mahogany

Bryan Ramirez

Angie Allen

Cheri Brown

Kevin Lars Phillips

Samantha Odom

Patty Sandoval

Aisha Love


Precina Fowler

The second installment of the Sacred Underground short film competition was hosted by Precina Fowler.

Precina Fowler is a multifaceted talent, excelling as a Poet, Actress, USA Competitive Gymnastics Coach, Cheer Tumbling Director, and doting mom. With an impressive career spanning over 20 years, Precina has garnered numerous accolades for her exceptional performances and coaching skills. She has dedicated herself to creating opportunities and securing scholarships for aspiring athletes, truly embodying the spirit of mentorship and guidance.

Congratulations To The Winners

Best Picture - Best Lead Actress ( Paulina Fricke ) - Best Soundtrack - Best Sound Mixing

Best Lead Actor ( Taylor James Johnson ) - Best Supporting Performance ( Sean Rima )

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Best Director ( Isaac Rodriguez )

Best Screenplay

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